What is a Saamuel ?


Q: Where does he come from?

A: A loving, creative and supportive family in Southern California

Q: Where is he going?

A: The end destination could be anything but its the journey that inspires and motivates to pursue a life of virtue and creativity.

Q: How will he get there?

A: By being the best version of himself as he can be.

Q: What does he make?

A: Art in the form of many different mediums such as photo, video, directing, music and communicating. 

Q: How does he make it?

A: By needing a place and a source to release creative energy and honing in on different means to make it happen.

Q: Why does he make it?

A: He flat out needs to. It's in his blood to create. Ask his mom. 


Questions by Buckley


Saamuel Richard loves you.